Jonathan Han is a multidisciplinary creative and designer.

Currently based in the Netherlands.
Well travelled aficionado of creative subcultures and natural landscapes. Worked extensively in NY and in BD, SF, SG, SH and TY.


He began his career with R/GA Brand Development NY, designing brand systems, interaction and user interfaces. Thereafter, he worked on installations at Local Projects before designing digital brand platforms at Method. After a stint at ITP in NYU, he worked a year at R/GA SG before being transferred to the NY office. Whilst there, he was a design director who focused on brand systems, campaigns, experience and creative technology. Moving forward, he is seeking to broaden his understanding in behavioural science, while retaining his love for design.




During the design process, the work of various individuals were utilized as inspiration and support to mine. They were credited in the respective projects and their work was never reproduced for commercial purposes.

This portfolio is an accurate documentation of my work contributions and collaborations with various individuals, teams and firms.